Friday, September 18, 2009

Answering a question.....

GD asked a question regarding Point #1 from my 9-16-09 post (“Using structure to reduce brain chatter”). His question was, “Can you please show me a sample chart about your No.1 rule. Re: "In between this lines, I don't trade".

GD, since I can’t respond to you any other way (I don't have an email for you), I will do it this way in a post. I hope this helps. I am a mini-Dow daytrader who looks to buy pullbacks in a trend. The big question is...”where will it pull back to?” To me the best pullback opportunities are right after the break and retest of a known support/resistance level. That level thus becomes my “backstop” to protect my backside. It is the level that I expect price to not go beyond. If price does decide to go past the S/R level a little, it shouldn’t be much, or else I will see it as a failed setup and get out fast. The reason I tend to avoid (not always, but usually) any pullback that takes place BETWEEN the levels is because I no longer have my S/R backstop to protect me. Thus I don’t have as clear an idea of where price might pull back to. In an ideal situation I will enter on the break and retest of a level and use the next higher/lower level as the target for the trade. The two screenshots here show how a level that was created yesterday was used as an entry point today.

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  1. Hi YM,
    Thanks a lot for your kind presentation with my question. It's a good lesson for me for I was thinking about your rule and I thought the "in-betwwen this lines" is/was based from the present/current day (trading). So it's from the previous day, now I know! Thanks a lot for you help, it's now clear to me. Sorry for I think my question was/or posted from your other post, anyway, good to know you were so kind enough to respond and I know you're quite busy, I appreciate very much your time. This is an added knowledge for my own self learning. Again, many thanks YM.


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