Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Stats for January, 2010

This is a personal Blog, and not commercialized at all (totally free to use with no ads, etc), so heavy traffic is not my primary concern (although it'd be cool to get more people reading and sharing ideas). But I thought I'd post some stats for the month of January (for entertainment only).

According to Google Analytics, 5,379 Unique Visitors from 86 different countries hit the Blog across 17,567 Total Visits. Majority of the visitors were on a Cable/DSL connection, but 4.3% were on a T1, and 1% were on a OC3 Fiber Optic connection -- I'm guessing those 5.3% are either institutional/professional traders or college students since most retail traders are not on a T1 or OC3. If you're a regular visitor, please introduce yourself by commenting on the Roll Call post.

The most widely read post was Learning to Become a Successful Trader (by Ziad), which was read 1,002 times, followed by My "Setup" or How I Enter a Trade which was read 630 times since this past Saturday night, and is quickly becoming the most popular post on the Blog.

I've come to know some great people through this Blog and Twitter/StockTwits! Thanks for visiting! Again, if you're a regular reader, please introduce yourself by commenting on the Roll Call post. Wish you the best!


  1. Steve, I'm with you -- would love to have Ziad post here more often but you have to understand that 110% of his focus is on his trading these days.


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