Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 01/29/2010 - Euro FX Futures Review/Analysis

Euro FX (EUR/USD) Futures
I didn't have time to post the Key Levels for the 6E last night, but they worked out fairly well today. I scalped the 6E for a bit; but my main focus was the ES, which I believe had better price action today. Click on the 5-min Chart to see how the day played out in the Euro FX futures. Have a great weekend!

EC/6E 5-Minute Chart for 01/29/10


  1. It's my goal this year to take some courses and learn all this, i see the excitement in it and the gains that people get, i also see the loss thats possible.

    Thank you for your post

    kayleigh louise

  2. Hi Kayleigh, I like the fact that you're keeping both sides of the picture in mind -- the possibility of great gains, as well as the risk of big losses. The key is to keep the risk small, and take advantage of the big opportunities, and this is totally do-able.

    You mentioned that you'll be taking some courses to learn trading this market. As you may already know, there is a lot of bullsh*t in this industry, so make sure you choose the right educator. The wrong educator (snake oil salesman) can do far more damage than just the cost of the course.

    Good luck!


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