Sunday, March 21, 2010

Direction of Blog (and Life)

This weekend marked the end of my schooling at DePaul University, and reaching the finish line is a great feeling of relief and accomplishment! The commencement ceremony is in June, where I'll be receiving my B.S. in Information Systems. Friday also marked the last day of my full-time job as a Data Architect.

Proprietary Trading
I'm taking one week off and start my new position as a full-time professional trader at a Chicago Proprietary Futures Trading firm next Monday, March 29th. I'm very excited to finally be able to jump into trading on a full-time basis, in a professional environment. Going from trading off my laptop while dealing with the distractions at work, to trading off 7 screens surrounded by seasoned traders is a welcome change! My primary market will be the S&P 500 Index Futures, but I'll also be trading Crude Oil and Gold. By the way, please don't ask which firm I'm joining. I'll post information on the firm when I can.

Nightly Key Levels & Scenarios
I've been freely sharing my nightly homework with you for several months now, and have received numerous "thank you" emails from traders all around the world. I'm glad my Blog was able to help your trading. Within the next week or two, the nightly Key Levels & Scenarios will become a Premium Subscription service priced at a reasonable rate of $50/month. In addition to the Key Levels & Scenario, TradeStation users will be able to download my Volume Profile TradeStation Workspace with the updated Key Levels plotted right on the chart, which they can refer to throughout the trading day. I'm not looking to get into the "trading guru" business, and this will be a "no-hype" offering. If my analysis brings value to your trading, then $50 a month is a small price to pay (1 point on 1 e-mini contract). If you don't find the information valuable, please save the negative comments and just move along. My focus will be 100% on trading!

Direction of Blog
The existing content on the public Blog will remain in place. The content of future posts will cover my journey of becoming a successful prop trader. Although I'm very prepared and confident going into this business, success is never a guarantee. All I can do is put in my absolute best effort, remain positive and hope for the best. I'll talk about the challenges and how I deal with them, as well as the positives of trading at a prop firm.


  1. Best of Luck. I look forward to hearing how the new adventure goes!


  2. Congratulations and Best of Luck. I look forward to becoming a member of your premium subscription service.

    - Henry.

  3. Good luck !

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about market day by day !
    It's been very valuable time, spent in reading your blog !


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