Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuesday 03/02/2010 - S&P 500 Futures Key Support/Resistance Levels

E-Mini S&P 500 Futures
I'm anticipating a range-bound rotational day, with minor upside movement tomorrow. My current plan is to short the pops at the Resistance Areas above. There's a high probability of an inside day, and I'm expecting the 1103.50 Level to hold. The 1103.50 level is also my Bull/Bear Line in the Sand to establish bias (bullish above, bearish below). The upside target on a break above 1115.50 is 1119.75. Trade well!

Econ Data
Motor Vehicle Sales (pre-market), Redbook at 7:55 AM (cst),

ES - Daily Chart with Volume Profile and Key Levels


  1. I've been following your site for a bit now. Just wanted to say thanks for posting these mkt maps, I also work with a private trading co. and these volume profiles in tradestation have been a useful addition to other mkt tools I use day to day.

  2. You're welcome Daniel; thanks for the comment.

  3. I have spent the past two weeks reading through your blog. I really appreciate you documenting your travails as well as the comments by ym-trader and ziad. I would love to pursue trading on a more permanent basis (I'm tired of having employees - lol). Sorry I missed your poll - if you decide to repost it I will gladly fill it out. I will say this - one thing missing from many sites that I think wannabe traders such as myself are looking for - is for insight/teachings on "HOW" to fish. Good luck to you and thank you. - Bullethead

  4. Bullethead, shoot me an email and I'll send you the Poll if you're interested in providing your feedback.


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