Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday 11/17/2008 Trades

Barely got 5 hours of sleep so was really out of it this morning; falling asleep on the train. I knew I wasn't going to perform well in my drowsy state, so kept size small (1-contract) and only took 1 trade for +2 ES points in the morning. Monday's are very busy at the office so didn't really get a chance to analyze the charts during the day. I took a quick glance, and wanted to short the afternoon highs, which in hindsight, would've turned out pretty good but I'm keeping this as realistic as possible and I know I would not have put on a real $ trade while I was so busy at work. Anyway, I'm slowly making progress and plan on going live on real $ very soon.

TradeStation Performance Summary

Trades Plotted on 1-Min Chart

FIB Levels haven't changed so not posting the usual FIB Level chart.

Market Structure Chart (5-min)

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