Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday 11/25/2008 Trades

I didn't have time to trade on the train this morning, but with this being a short week, and several people out on vacation, it was pretty quiet at the office. Spent most of the morning just watching and learning, and didn't put on that many trades and kept size limited to 1-2 contracts. Also used tighter stops, mostly 6-8 ticks with quickly moving it to break-even once the trade went 4-6 ticks in my favor. This kept me out of trouble on some trades, but also wiggled me out of a couple of good ones. I need to improve my execution/entry so a tighter stop can work out. Ended the day positive with a net gain of $286.

Performance Summary/Stats

Trades Plotted on 3-Min Chart

Market Structure Chart (5-min)

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