Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday 11/18/2008 Trades

Made some really bad trades in the morning and spent rest of the day digging myself out of a -$2,400 hole. I got into a losing short position that I shouldn't have gotten into in the first place (system did not signal a short), but instead of getting out and going flat, I tried to fight the loss off with size by adding to the losing position. Now I add/remove contracts from my trades all the time, and that's my style of trading, but that's when I'm working a core position and the trade is according to my system/method and in direction of the trend. That wasn't the case this morning, and I took a big loss early on. The initial loss also hurt my executions for the remainder of the day, and I was very hesitant getting into a position and left a lot of money on the table. Surprisingly, I managed to end the day with a tiny gain, but that really is a surprise for me considering how bad I messed up today. Lesson for the day: When in doubt, get out!

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  1. We all have our "off days", even the floor traders have days where they're out of sync with the market. That was a good comeback though!

  2. Thanks Michael! Just slowly chipped away at it as I found time throughout the day.


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