Sunday, June 7, 2009

There goes my summer

I'm still in the process of finishing my undergrad degree in Information Systems (12 more classes to go!) and signed up for a full class load over summer (accelerated classes in the evenings 6:00-9:15PM). Classes start on June 15, which is also the day I start the new job in downtown. With full-time work and school, Monday - Thursday, I'll be leaving the house around 7:30 AM and getting back home around 11 PM. No class on Friday so I'll get home around 6:30 PM. But with this schedule, trading will probably have to be put on the back-burner (for now), unless I can figure out some way to cram it into my schedule; maybe trade over my lunch break or something. We'll see.

I will be trading on the live/real$ account this week though since it's my last week of "freedom". My daily loss limit is 5-6 pts; once hit, I will switch back to Sim for that day, and be back at it on the real $ account the following day.

An update on my friend who I've been teaching: he netted over 100 ES pts on the Sim his first month. His last day of work was May 29th. He funded his live account last week, and traded Live/Real$ on Friday. He was up around $300 in the morning, then took a -$50 loss, and in the process of trying to make back those $50 bucks, he lost all his morning gains and then some, ending the day down -$250 or so. He should've just called it a day at +$250 or +$200, or at break-even. Lesson learned on his part. He'll be back at it on Monday on the real $ account. Here's something ironic; I'm being hired by the company he just got laid off from, and he'll be trading full-time now until he can find another job :D

That's about it for now, wish me luck. Enjoy rest of your weekend!


  1. Good luck E-Mini! Your blog is a great resource. Don't be a stranger!

  2. Thanks man! I just want to trade well this coming week on the Live account, so I can take my break from trading on a high note.

    I'm also going to look into how I can fit trading into my schedule, and if that's do-able, the pain/gain will continue to be documented on this Blog.

  3. Good luck with the busy schedule and keep thinking about trading in the future. Your friend should set a daily profit target. I know its hard to stop taking the signals myself.

  4. Best of luck to you man! You'll do great!

    But i'm bummed I won't have someone to bullshit with during the days now... Oh well... things change, and its usually for the better!

  5. Thx guys! I'll still be around but will be posting less frequently. Traded Live/Real$ today; it was a positive day, but I have a lot of "fixing" to do, and it's all in my head. Nothing to do with the method, mechanics, or technicals. I have to deal with the psych issues now.


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