Monday, January 19, 2009

My Reading List

This post will document market/trading-related books on my reading list. I may add a short review for each at a later time.

Books I'm currently reading
Books I've Read
Books I own but have not had a chance to read yet


  1. hi, nice journal/blog. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is your method, or is it discretionary?

    Thanks. I have a blog too on

  2. emacro, method is trend-following discretionary but with certain rules in place to protect against bad trade plaement. Go over the prior posts, and view the marked up charts to see how I trade. And welcome to the Blog :)

  3. Solid list. I read most and I'm now in the process of reading Trading in the Zone to be followed by The Daily Trading Coach. I noticed "The New Market Wizards" but not the original (first) "The Market Wizards". That's the best book I've ever read and I highly recommend it when you have a chance if you haven't already. BTW, this is an excellent blog. Good job and good luck trading.
    Nick - Long Beach, CA

  4. Thanks for stopping by Nick. I think I've read the original Market Wizards book as well but it was several years ago, so I should probably re-read it.

  5. Hi e-mini,i was trying to find ziad's reading least on one of his post,he said I could find it there but I haven't been able,would u please help me out finding it,or tell ziad if he can post it again.

    Thank u very much,

  6. Daniel,

    Ziad posted his reading list in one of the comments on the Learning to Become a Successful Trader post. Here's his reading list for reference:

    1) Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom - by Van Tharp

    2) Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets - by John Murphy

    3) Enhancing Trader Performance - by Brett Steenbarger

    4) The Art of Learning - by Josh Waitzkin

    5) The Psychology of Trading - by Brett Steenbarger

    6) The Disciplined Trader- by Mark Douglas (or/and Trading in the Zone - by same author)

    7) Mind Over Markets - by James Dalton

    8) Mastering Futures Trading - by Bo Yoder

    9) Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - by Edwin Lefevre

    10) Golf is Not A Game of Perfect- by Bob Rotella

  7. THanks a lot e-mini......i am going to read all of them, some i have already read some must be read is great to learn about this business as much as possible

    THanks to you Ziad as well !!!


  8. I was surprised to not see The Art of the Trade by Jankovsky. Great book, great read, and almost as quotable as Reminiscences.


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