Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 01/29/09 - Mini Russel (TF)

I watched Austin P's video from last night in which he discusses the Mini Russel (Symbol: TF), and how it trends much better and is essentially an easier instrument to trade compared to the Emini S&P500 (ES). I do see his point; trading the ES is pretty brutal and one can easily get stopped out of good trades due to noise alone. So I spent some time today trading the TF on Sim, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Only 1 trade was stopped out for a 1 point loss (TF is $10 per tick, 10 ticks per point - $100), which was more than made up with several 1-4 pt winners. A lot of people don't trade the TF due to the lack of liquidity, but that's not really a problem for me since I'm trading 1-2 contracts. Volume is slowly picking up in the Russel as well, and it's now averaging over 100,000 contracts per day. I'm going to sim trade for a couple of more days and then try it out on real $ with 1 contract.

Unfilled Gap

ES/TICK (3-min)

ES Market Balance (5-min Continuous Contract)

ES Market Balance (5-min Day Session Only)

TF Market Balance (5-min Day Session Only)


  1. TF is good... but if liquidity is not a problem I actually prefer the EMD (S&P 400). Same 10.00/tick as the TF...

    Just another one to consider...

    Either of them is way smoother than the ES.

  2. Cool, will check out S&P400...not quite as baller as S&P500, but I'll check it out :D

  3. Just pulled up the chart on EMD...volume is really low (20-30K a day)

  4. Wow. Didn't realize it was THAT low.

  5. EMP, just long ya been trading... and what platform are you using? Thanks!

  6. Charles, I first got into trading in 2003 and traded stocks, options, and futures through spring of 2004. I then took a hiatus from trading and just got back into it over summer of 2008. Refer to my Introduction post for more details.


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