Thursday, November 19, 2009

Key Levels (S&P 500) for Friday 11/20/2009

E-Mini S&P 500
The bearish scenario put together yesterday worked out great this morning. I was anticipating the move below 1100 to be fast - and price dropped 13 points from 1100.75 to 1087.75 in the first half hour of market open (1088 level marked as strong support for a few days now). The 1088 support level held (a 1.50 pt poke below 1088 doesn't really invalidate that "area" IMO), and I'm still counting on that area to hold as support. Could price break below it and test 1082.50? Sure. But I would anticipate a bounce around 1087 on first touch tomorrow (if we get there). Buyers were very active between 1090 and 1091.50 today. The VPOC for today was around 1092.75, and price is currently building/accepting value above 1091. Lets also keep the big picture in mind (daily chart). From that perspective, today's down move is no big deal, and I would anticipate the bulls to actively defend the Key areas of support (1088, 1082.50, 1076).

ES - Hourly Chart (Downside break-out from Triangle)

Bullish Scenario
On the upside, we now have resistance in the 1197 area (anticipating that to hold on first touch), then minor resistanct at 1100, followed by stronger resistance around 1102.50. We also have an open gap at 1108.50 now, and I would anticipate a gap fill on a move above 1102.50.

Bearish Scenario
On the bearish side, I'm anticipating 1087 area to hold on first touch. Below that, we could test 1082.50. It's interesting that price closed at 1082.25 on last month's options expiration Friday. Anticipating 1082.50 to hold on first touch, at which point, shorting the bounce would be a safe play for re-test/potential break of 1082.50. Below 1082.50, we could get a quick move to 1079; and then a grind down to 1076.50 area. Anticipating 1076 area to hold as support on first touch (scale out of shorts, or reverse to Long for a scalp, or possibly more here). If the selloff is really nasty, we could even get to the ultimate downside target of 1064 (not anticipating a strong selloff).

ES - Daily Bar Chart with Fib Levels (Perspective!)

ES - Daily Bar Chart with Volume Profile and Key Levels

Don't have time to do the levels for Crude tonight.


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