Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday 12/15/2008 - No Day Trades

As Monday's usually go, I was busy all day with work so didn't make any day-trades, but I did short 2 ES at 892 last night in the Sim account. The setup looked good, so I shorted 1 ES in the real $ account as well. I didn't want to keep an overnight position so I closed out the real trade for +2.25 points at 889.75. I left the position open in the sim account with a stop at 895. I covered the sim position at 871.75 in the afternoon for +20.25 pts per contract ! I should have just left the real $ position open as well with a stop at break-even + 1 tick! Live and learn. The net profit was around $107 in the real account and over $2,000 in the sim account.

Market Structure/Balance Chart (5-min)

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