Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 03/13/09

Traded lightly in the morning, and pretty much nailed the bottom (thanks to $TICK and Volume inidicators). I went long at 739.75; only held it for +3 points though. Today's gross P/L was +$125.00. Overall, it's been an OK week considering I wasn't planning on trading much to begin with. The total P/L for the week is +$1,512.50, for the most part, trading with one contract. Today's P/L would have been higher but TradeStation started throwing the "can not route order" error again in the afternoon, and I missed out on 3-5 pts of gains. I'm glad I don't have my live account at TradeStation. In other news, my new computer came in today! Can't wait to get that up and running!

Market closed on strength but I wonder, who the hell's holding Long over the weekend, especially in this market where the slightest bit of news can trigger a sell-off? Looking at the 240-min and the Daily charts, next area of resistance looks to be in the mid 760s and then 800.

ES 233-tickbar Chart (Morning Trades)

ES 233-tickbar Chart (Afternoon Trades)

Gap filled within 15 minutes of open

ES/$TICK (3-Min)


  1. Great trading today and a great start on your sim trading!

    Hopefully we can both get live again quickly and get started on making some dough again!

  2. Nice work this week. It sounds like you are improving. Chalk it up to not having to work full-time while trying to trade!

  3. Having the additional focus and not worrying about full-time work definitely helped but at the same time, I traded maybe 2 hours a day so I still don't know what my results would look like if I traded "full-time". I probably won't know for another couple of weeks since I'm still working on that IT project, and my final project for class is due next Friday.

    I am expecting better results next week though.

  4. Found your blog thru your comment on Don Millers blog. Interesting stuff here also, thanx.
    Fulltime IT job, strugling to find time to trade NQ/YM.
    I wonder about the $TICK. Is that a Tradestation only gizmo?
    Using Ninja/Zenfire myself and can't seem to find it there.

  5. The NYSE TICK ($TICK) should be available in most of the data feeds out there. Email Ninja Trader support or check their website to find the exact symbol that should be used with your zen fire feed and NT.

    Working full-time and trading can lead to a lot of frustration unless your job allows you to dedicate some focused time to the market sometime during market hours. Best of luck!


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