Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday 03/09/09

I caught a cold over the weekend, and needed to get some much needed rest so decided to sleep in this morning. I also needed to take care of some financial stuff to make sure my monthly expenses were as little as possible so I was on the phone with a couple of banks most of the morning. I decided to power up Trade Station and scalp on the Sim while I was on the phone. Net gain was +$412.50 with a lot of early exits. I was on the phone with a couple of recruiters later in the afternoon so was unable to trade the last hour. I'm also looking into prop firms. Would love to join one; we'll see. I'll be trading very light this week since I need to complete an IT project for a client, and a final project for school which is due on the 20th. Once those two items are off my list, I'll be able to better focus on trading.

ES 233-Tickbar Chart - Morning Trades

ES 233-Tickbar Chart - Afternoon Trades

Gap Filled in the first 30 minutes

ES/TICK (3-min)


  1. I've been waiting to see a trade chart of your entries for months now... my god.

    I gotta say, its a lot of trades.... but they look pretty damn good. I mean you don't have any big losers and you seem to have a knack for cutting them out at the right spots for the exits...

    Keep it up man! Thats a hell of a performance for a first day!

  2. Thanks; I just wanted to see if I could scalp for quick hits. Wasn't 100% focused since I was on the phone. I need to work on calming it down and taking less trades, but holding out for slightly larger gains. All of those trades only produced +8.25 pts. Like I said before, if we combined my method/style with yours, we'd be unstoppable :D


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